Beautiful Bespoke Strings to embellish your track for $400

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Beautiful Bespoke Strings to embellish your track for $400

My name is Steve Turner, a string arranger & composer based in London. I write beautiful, emotive string arrangements, for clients ranging from unsigned singer-songwriters to international artists. I also regularly compose for films, documentaries and adverts. I put my heart and soul into every production and work closely with all my clients.

Over the last twenty years I've been a busy session musician, touring and recording with many international artists; from remixing Brownstone, Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson to touring with Kylie and ELO and concerts with Jay-Z & Beyonce.

Although my career has mostly been in the pop domain I was classically trained on piano and violin. About 15 years ago I was asked out of the blue to write a string section arrangement for a colleague. I found it came naturally to me and was incredibly rewarding. With a head for both pop and classical I’m able to achieve a uniquely fresh sound.

I make my compositions a vibrant part of the track, innovative, contemporary and distinctive yet unobtrusive. I achieve this through beautiful counter-melodies and distinctive harmony, making the strings sing out whilst sitting comfortably in the mix.

Stylistically versatile, I've arranged for genres from pop, soul and R&B to gospel, country and folk, urban and rock, and even Indian & African

The whole job can be facilitated online, with mp3 for demos, pdf for scores and Broadcast WAV for audio. There'll be plenty of opportunity for you to tailor the arrangement until you're completely happy.

If your budget is restricted I'm also a skilled keyboard player & programmer, and using samples recorded part-by-part with human emotion, amazingly realistic results can be achieved.

For the advertised price I'll write you a beautiful bespoke string arrangement for a standard-length track (around 4 minutes) and either score it out (for you to facilitate your own recording) or produce amazingly realistic VST string stems (usually a minimum of 15 individual blended passes for added realism).
If you require me to facilitate a live session I can quote you separately for this as it will depend very much on the size of string section required.

Looking forward to embellishing your track with stunning strings!


  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • Folk

Darlene , Nashville

21-piece live section
  • Darlene , Nashville

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