PRODUCTION LOCKDOWN SALE: from your demo to a radio/streaming-ready song. for $450

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Derico

PRODUCTION LOCKDOWN SALE: from your demo to a radio/streaming-ready song. for $450

If you write songs, I can produce them.
What's better than a cool song?
A cool song which has been well produced!
I'm Federico Biagetti, from Italy; Daerico (Dèrico) is my artist name.
I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and session man, of course.
I'm 30 and I passed the last 15 years in studio sessions.
I play mainly all kind of guitars (acoustic, electric, classical, resophonic, bass) and other stringed instruments (like banjo, irish bouzouki, ukulele).
I play other complementary instruments too and, of course, I can sing lead and backing vocals (proper english and italian).

I work in many genres:
- Pop
- Indie Pop
- Indie Rock
- Rock
- Rock n' Roll
- Chicago Blues
- Delta Blues
- Acoustic
I like every aspect of contamination between styles and I always try to combine the best of the new sounds with the best of the vintage ones.
I'm mainly a fingerstyle guitarist, but I also use the pick.
For the record, I'm specialized in the Mark Knopfler's technique.

In my service, I offer:
- Entire production of a song, from your basic demo to a streaming-ready result.
- Musical structuring, to achieve the best from your song.
- Consultation to understand your perspective and your goals.
- Opportunity to follow the steps of the work while I'm arranging.
- Tracks, revisions, edits, and takes included.
- Mixing.
- Mastering for your goal (CD-YouTube-Spotify-Apple Music etc.).
- See what I did: at the very end of the job, I'll send you all the audio tracks.
I recently worked with Zucchero in these last years. Zucchero is a worldwide artist who worked hard with many music legends in the last 35 years.
I recorded many guitar tracks in his last two albums "Black Cat" and "D.O.C.", produced by Don Was, Zucchero and Max Marcolini.
You can find me in the credits of the albums (Black Cat, D.O.C.) with all the amazing musicians that played in it.

I've got the Author Diploma from the CET, the italian worldwide known college of music. I can write and edit your lyrics too (italian and proper english).

I work with many composers, producers and brand new artists, you can find some of my productions up here in AUDIO/VIDEO!
I'll do my best to make you proud of your music.


  • Blues
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock


A song I entirely produced for Giorgia Canton, talented singer and songwriter.
  • Virginian
  • Sfigato
  • Mastica
  • E poi, boh?
  • Nutella

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