Modern Demo Production and Track Building Country/Pop/Rock for $150

In Arrangements By John Marlin

Modern Demo Production and Track Building Country/Pop/Rock for $150

Let me bring your song to life in a modern fashion, by combining raw instruments with a variety of virtual and programmed instruments. I am by trade, a full-time session/touring guitarist, but I spend plenty of time in the writing rooms of Nashville, TN, where I produce and build tracks to songs from scratch, to give them a full modern and polished sound, competitive with what is on the radio today, all in a very quick time frame of just a few days. Being a professional guitarist, I typically center all my tracks around hooky guitar parts, with a blend of electronic and virtual instruments around them. Please check out my Soundcloud!

All I need from you is a scratch track of your song with vocals in separate audio files, a tempo, and any songs you want me to reference!

About Me:
I have spent the last 6 years touring with Texas based artists, formerly with Americana/Country artist Bart Crow, and currently with Granger Smith. We have done tours recently with Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, and I am fortunate to have worked with many at the top of our industry, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience! Bringing words and sounds to life is my passion, as I devote majority of my free time to songwriting, recording, and producing.

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