Orchestral and string section to your song or project for $27

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Orchestral and string section to your song or project for $27

In this gig you will find fantastic string instruments, metals, woodwinds, keyboards, percussion and much more; solo and ensemble with impressive hi-res sound. I have at my disposal a full range of instruments and high quality effects to sculpt sound ideal for your next classical arrangement or composition for film as for your next hip-hop song or metal ballad.

I compose and perform orchestral music of any genre such as medieval, fantasy, horror, suspense, action and whatever you are looking for for your projects such as soundtracks, podcasts, videogames, shortfilm, add instrumental tracks to your music, etc.

You will practically have the experience of listening to a complete orchestra as you wish for your projects.

In addition to being a musician and composer, I am also a fan of video games and I dedicated part of my free time to playing a large number of titles of very varied genres and from different eras, from 8-bit games to current games that requires a great deal of development artistico, not only graphically but also in its musical concept.

You can ask me for any orchestral instrument you want for your song, or a particular set of instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion)

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Full orchestral arrangement (cover)
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