Multi-tracked violins and violas for $130

In Violin, Viola, Cello By Melissa Cox

Multi-tracked violins and violas for $130

Melissa Cox has been performing and recording professionally for over 15 years, with artists such as Elliott Murphy, Inga Liljeström, Melanie Horsnell and Delaney Blue. She plays folk, rock, pop, jazz and Americana, and is sought after for her instinctive ability to play exactly what is needed on a track.

This service specifically offers multi-tracked, layered violins and violas. It is particularly appropriate for ambient or electronica. If you only require a single violin or viola part, or if you require a fully scored string arrangement, please see Melissa's other services. If you're not sure which service is most appropriate she will be happy to advise you.

She records from her farmhouse studio in the French countryside, using an Apogee Duet audio interface and Rode microphones.

"Melissa played Violin and Viola on two tracks on our new album. Her playing is outstanding, it gave the tracks a rich, orchestral feel. Melissa intuitively knew exactly what was needed for each track, without any guidance. I am fortunate to have worked with some of the best musicians in the world over the last few years, and Melissa is well and truly now on that list."
—Mark Barnwell, Täyu

Gaia, by Täyu (extract)

  • Gaia, by Täyu (extract)
  • Breath, by Täyu (extract)

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