VIOLIN / VIOLA Recording : Duo - Trio - Quartet, Unique arrangements for $360

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VIOLIN / VIOLA Recording : Duo - Trio - Quartet, Unique arrangements for $360


*$200 for up to 240 seconds of recordings*
*Reach out for an individual quote as every project differs greatly!*

Hello everyone, I'm a professionally trained classical violist / violinist and composer with a 25 years experience in different styles and genres. I have great ear and am a fantastic improvisor - I took part in different cultural activities and had different musical collaborations with local and international artists from all around the world. All of my tracks are recorded in a professional controlled acoustics studio.

If you need duo, trio, quartet or multiple takes of the same melody - contact me and I will provide a custom offer for you. It can be yours or my arrangement.

I can play various genres including: Classical, Pop, Rock, Trance, Rap, Trap, Metal, Hip Hop, R&B, Folk, Jazz, and more.

If you want to record an orchestral sound 5 - 50 violins and violas - contact me for custom offer!

I have absolute hearing and can play anything on the violin or viola.

I always deliver an order in short period of time.

My instruments:

German violin, Flügelnell Fleissen, hand made 1848.
French viola, Charles Jacquot Paris, hand made 1860.

My equipment:

Macbook Pro
Rode NT
Yamaha MSP 5 Active studio monitors

Logic Pro X

You send: Audio file / sheet music or other instructions for me.

I return: - "dry instrument" HD Audio .AIFF .WAV
32-24-16 bit, Mp3 ... or any other file type.

- Full Mix Sample

Gipsy song

By George Milanovich
  • Gipsy song
  • Dance Monkey - Cover
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - 5th Symphony - Allegro con brio
  • Strings - Chamber
  • Music for movie
  • String Arrangement

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