Single viola part for acoustic genres for $80

In Violin, Viola, Cello By Melissa Cox

Single viola part for acoustic genres for $80

Melissa Cox has been performing and recording professionally for over 15 years, with artists such as Elliott Murphy, Inga Liljeström, Melanie Horsnell and Delaney Blue. She plays folk, rock, pop, jazz and Americana, and is sought after for her instinctive ability to play exactly what is needed on a track.

This service specifically offers a single viola part; it is particularly appropriate for acoustic genres. If you require multiple string parts, please see Melissa's other services. If you're not sure which service is most appropriate she will be happy to advise you.

She records from her farmhouse studio in the French countryside, using an Apogee Duet audio interface and Rode microphones.

"I have worked with Melissa continuously over the last 10 years on many different compositional styles including folk, country, jazz, electronica, rock and music for relaxation. She seamlessly adapts to all of these styles, and she has featured on my albums and projects that have been released internationally. Her sense of harmony, wonderful arrangements, her meticulous and beautiful musicianship, and her warm personality are everything one looks for when working with other professional musicians."
—Inga Liljeström

The Dust, by Barton Hartshorn

The melody at the beginning was proposed by the singer, and is harmonised in thirds. There is an improvised solo from 03:10.
  • The Dust, by Barton Hartshorn
  • The Tree, by Barton Hartshorn

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