String Orchestra for $300

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String Orchestra for $300

This is the new gig I'm offering now. It includes 2violins, violas, cellos and double bass recording in multiple takes. If score has no Double bass it can be substituted with extra cello takes. Existing arrangements only are accepted (scores&parts, midi files, strings only mp3 might be considered). Please contact me to see what kind of materials you've got. If you don't have an arrangement you could contact me or any other arranger/orchestrator to see how much it will cost for your song. It is really important to have the arrangement approved before booking this gig.
I see this gig very useful for film scorers and composers/arrangers to overdub the midi strings.
From me you will get 1st violins (5 takes), 2nd violins (4takes), violas (4takes), cellos (4takes), double bass (2takes). This is the price for pieces not longer than 4 minutes, because this is the length which can be done during 1 session. For longer pieces additional rate will be applied. Please contact me in advance to discuss the details of possible delivery date. The estimate time is around 10 days because this gig requires a lot of work and I have to invite cello and bass players to my studio. The other instruments are recorded by me. I am a Russian violinist, Berklee Alumni and the winner of numerous international competitions who performs music in many different styles. My experience includes performing and recording violins for fashion shows, adverts, games, and films (the last documentary with 80 min of the score with the solo violin was premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 2014). With years of both traditional (Conservatory) and modern (Berklee College of Music) training, I work in genres ranging from Dramatic and Orchestral to Jazz, Funk, Pop, Folk, Electronic, Ambient, and more. Worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Goran Bregovic, Fransis Goya. Awesome home studio outside the city with good setup always ready to go. Can't wait to collaborate on your project! Feel free to check my customers' feedback on the other gigs I've been doing for many years.

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Strings by MariaGrig

  • Strings by MariaGrig

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