Custom Song from ISC and Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist for $450

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Custom Song from ISC and Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist for $450

I will write a custom song, with original music and lyrics, based on an idea of your choosing (or, you can leave it up to me). I have written songs as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and a funeral. Bringing a story to life, expressing someone's thoughts and feelings, and creating something unique that honors an experience is something I take very seriously. For me, it's an almost sacred undertaking, creating something very personal for someone else.

A custom song I wrote for a client eventually became "Wake Me In Paris," which in 2017 was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, in the unsigned category.

My music has appeared in over 300 TV show episodes, on major networks, including NBC ("The Today Show"), CBS College Sports, A&E, Animal Planet, CMT, Discovery, MTV, National Geographic Explorer, and VH-1.

For custom songs, I include two instruments and one vocal. Additional instruments can be added. Please contact me for accurate pricing and I will send a custom offer. Feel free to ask questions. (If you are looking for a commercial-use license, for example, there is an additional fee and we need to discuss the terms.)

I play singer/songwriter, rock, Americana and indie folk. Sometimes I veer into alt country or indie pop territory. I have recorded straight-up pop, modern country, jazz, blues, etc.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Rock

Boy In A Bubble

Written, performed and produced by Eric Butterfield. Runner-Up in the 2020 Song of the Year competition.
  • Boy In A Bubble
  • Rescue Me
  • Dead Ex-Boyfriend Blues

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