Afrobeat Singer and Songwriter for $100

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Afrobeat Singer and Songwriter for $100

Afrobeat at its best, professionally, and radio-ready product.

Services provided at $120
1. Songwriting and music production
2. Delivery of Stems for the song
3. Customer satisfaction to achieve the client's wants.

My equipment are:
1. Microphone- Neumann TLM 103
2. Studio Monitors- Yamaha HS7
3. Headphones- Beyerdynamic DT-1990
4. Sound Card- Focusrite Scarlett 4i4


The song is about a man who has finally found love in this lady who has mixed up her world. (mokolo) and disorganized his days (mokili)
  • Changanya
  • Ngolova
  • Dreaming of You

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