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Hello my fellow music maker!

I am a recording artist, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, topliner based in Los Angeles.

I am passionate about writing songs with meaning and an inspiring/ empowering message. As you can hear on my artist project; I write a lot of songs with messages of self-love, authenticity, believing in yourself, following your dreams, spirituality and etc. If your message falls along those lines, hit me up and I’d love to write for you and support you.

And of course, I can write about just anything! It’s important that the music is authentic to you and represents who you are as an artist, so I’d like to listen to you and what is in your heart then help bring that out of you! So feel free to message me with any thoughts or ideas about an upcoming project you have, I’d absolutely love to be involved.

If you also need branding and design for your music/brand; I can help with that too! All my own single arts are designed by me! You can check some of my work on my design page on Instagram: @chianneartanddesign11

*Studied at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles.
*I have multiple finalist positions at some of the most prestigious songwriting and music contests in the world such as:
-The UK Songwriting Contest
-The Great American Song Contest
-Nashville International Song Contest
-The Opening Act
-The World Songwriting Awards

*I have over 600 thousand streams on Spotify as an independent artist.
*One of my songs (New Me) has been featured in a movie directed by a two time Telly Award winning director Candice T. Cain.
*My first music video “Flames” received over 181 thousand youtube views.
*My music was covered in more than 70 different publications worldwide including LA Weekly.
*I’ve been granted “Extraordinary Talent Visa” status by the American Federation of Musicians and the US Government.

- Songwriter
- Topliner
- Singer/ Vocalist
- Genres: Mainly Pop, Adult Contemporary ( + experience in R&B, Broadway, New Age, Acoustic/indie, kids music etc.)

-Logic Pro X
-Interface: Apollo Twin X
-Mic: Shure SM 7B
-Midi: Alesis V49
-Electric, acoustic, classic guitar, Yamaha keyboard

About my prices:
$400 contains: topline, lyrics, 3 main takes, 1 harmony take, 1 adlibs take
$300 contains: topline, lyrics, 2 main takes & 1 adlibs
$200: toplinig, lyrics, 2 main takes & 1 adlibs take.
+$140 for album/single art design
For singing only, contact for pricing.
Look forward to work with you!

  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Broadway
  • Musical theatre

No Matter What

I am the singer, composer and songwriter
  • No Matter What
  • Truly Free
  • New Me

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