Award-Winning Songwriter/Producer for $250

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Duncan Johnson

Award-Winning Songwriter/Producer for $250

I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where I studied Songwriting and Electronic Production & Design.

I am an award winning singer, songwriter, and producer. I am also an advanced mixing and mastering engineer, which I usually throw in for free when doing productions.

I have a Billboard Chart credit and work with Warner/Chappell publishing. I am also a winner of the John Lennon Award for Songwriting from BMI which is an international songwriting competition with over 6,000 applicants. I was one of three winners.

I am communicative, efficient, and flexible. I have written in almost every genre, so I am up for anything.

Song Reel:

More updated demos and styles are available upon request...feel free to reach out!

I also have an album out on Spotify and iTunes that you can access through my website at or by searching 'Duncan Johnson.'------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lyrics: $250 per song
Melody: $250 per song
Full Song: $450
Music Songwriter: $250 per song
Production: Ask For Price
Singing: $300 per song
My only conditions (they don't bite!):
(1) Please be as clear and concise as possible. Sometimes you may not know what you want, and that is okay! I am also here as a resource to help you figure that out. But also, do not waste my time and do not waste your own time. Please don't make a decision, have me execute, and then do a complete 180--all I ask is that you commit to what you want before I spend energy and time!
(2) I would really like to split royalties evenly with any/all parties involved in the writing process. That is how the real world of music works, and I am all about fair artistic practices, which that includes rewarding and recognizing any/all contributions, INCLUDING YOURS! If applicable, we will split songwriting and publishing rights if/when we register the song.
(3) Please be prepared for me to start the write, finish the write, and you to complete the payment of our project in NO MORE than a week--I am not in the business of letting songs linger on my to do list. I will work for you tirelessly in that week to get the perfect song because in my experience, letting it go on for too long results in one or both of us being unhappy!

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