Songwriting + Vocals + Piano backing for $100

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Songwriting + Vocals + Piano backing for $100

I will write an original song for you (music and lyrics) and I will also record the song I write for you (acoustic version - vocals with piano backing).

The song can be about love, nature, or relaxation, or a mix of all. It can be a baby nursery rhyme/kid song. It can also be a song for a special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) or a special dedication for a beloved person. It can also be written on a theme song for films, documentaries, podcasts, etc.

You will receive:
- One (1) Audio Track with one song written and sung by me (vocals and piano backing) in wave format.
- One (1) audio file wave with the piano track of the song and the Midi file of the piano part.
- One (1) audio wave file mono with vocals only.

The sound of the song will be in the quality as you see in my samples here.

I use Casio Privia Digital Piano, Quad-Capture Audio interface, Ableton Live Lite, Condenser Microphone MXL67 or dynamic microphone AudioTehnica ART2100.

  • Ambient
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop

Sample 1

Joy in the morning
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  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3
  • Sample 4
  • Sample 5
  • Sample 6

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