Full Ghostwriting Services for $200

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Full Ghostwriting Services for $200

I’m Daddi, a singer/songwriter, professional vocalist, and artist. I have been a songwriter in Los Angeles since I was 15 years old, and began my own artist journey at 17. I believe in creating a balance of masculine and feminine energy with my music and can write for any gender or genre. I want to make sure the lyrics connect with not only the artists, but also their audience and put 100% of my heart in to making sure it is personal to you. I will work with the artist and keep them updated and ask them their opinions on certain lyrics as I’m writing (if wanted of course) to ensure a collaborative experience to make sure you’re happy :)

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Miss Me Don’t You

The feelings felt after a toxic relationship
  • Miss Me Don’t You
  • Selfish Bitch
  • Ice Cold
  • Feel for once
  • Bad for your reputation

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