Professional Royalty Free Topline Writing + Demo for $275

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Hannah Cheetham

Professional Royalty Free Topline Writing + Demo for $275

|Airgigs Top Rated Studio Pro| Hi, I'm Hannah, I am a professional singer-songwriter & composer. I love taking stories and messages and crafting them into beautiful songs. Although I specialize in ballads & country pop tunes, I have experience in a wide array of genres. Check out my demo's to hear some of the projects I have worked on recently.

This song writing service includes lyrics, melody & vocal demo recorded over your existing track. If you require the vocals for your final mix for commercial release I can multitrack these for you also, please see add-ons at the bottom of this description.

This will be a ghost-write / work for hire - 100% of royalties and copyright ownership to you*.

What you will receive with this package:
- Optional 30 min zoom meeting to discuss your project
- Lyric Chart
- Professional Vocal Demo over your existing track (Not for commercial use or release).
- 3 revisions (if required)

Add Ons (Please request a package):
- Demo Vocal Harmonies (up to 2) + $20
- Track for commercial use/release (this will include vocal editing/comping ready for a final mix - Ghost Artist work only) + $150

Disclaimer: This vocal demo (the audio file) (without commercial release add on) may be used for personal use, events, song pitching etc. However is not to be released on music platforms, youtube or vimeo without approval by myself.
The song is yours to be re-recorded by yourself for any purpose you wish.
You may request a song ready for commercial release, please see Add Ons above for details.

*I reserve the right to display excerpts of my work in my portfolio, please let me know if you have any queries or requests regarding this.

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