FEMALE TOPLINE & VOCALS (Vocal melody, Lyrics and Vocals) for $310

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FEMALE TOPLINE & VOCALS (Vocal melody, Lyrics and Vocals) for $310


I provide lyrics, vocal melody and vocals for genres such as POP, EDM, ALT ROCK, R&B, FOLK / INDIE and many more. This gig includes lyrics, vocal melody/arrangement, full vocal package (lead, harmonies, adlibs) and commercial rights. Perfect for music producers looking for collaborators to finish their songs!

*2 Revision rounds are included in this gig (minor changes only)
*Re-recording the entire song/re-writing the entire lyrics or melody will not be included in the revisions and will cost an extra $50 for each.
*A demo will be sent to the client first, just to see if we're headed the right direction (First verse and chorus)

Looking forward to working with you!

Next Level - Vivid Story

Lyrics by Kaz Zabala and Terrell Burt. Melody and Vocals by Kaz
  • Next Level - Vivid Story
  • Sunsets and Champagne - Vivid Story
  • Memento - Mpax feat. Kaz
  • Light in the Dark - MyKind feat. Kaz

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