VERSATILE FEMALE VOCALS Lead, Harmonies and Adlibs for $110

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Kaz

VERSATILE FEMALE VOCALS Lead, Harmonies and Adlibs for $110


I provide female vocals for hooks, short jingles and full length tracks, with lead vocals & harmonies. I have been making music since 2010 and have worked on genres like POP, EDM, ALT ROCK, R&B, FOLK / INDIE and many more.

I've been collaborating with different artists around the globe for years and is currently a BMI member with licensed tracks on US TV shows like CSI, The Young and the Restless, Seal Team, Dude Perfect, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc.

My vocal style is similar to these artists: TLC, H.E.R, Jhene Aiko, Camila Cabello, Tori Kelly, etc. Although i can't belt high notes, i can create thick harmony stacks with my soulful, raspy voice.

This gig includes the following:

1 Lead Vocals
2 Harmonies
1 Ad libs track (if/when applicable)

*2 Revision rounds are included in this gig (minor changes only)
*Re-recording the entire song will not be included in the revisions and will cost an extra $50
*Additional tracks are available upon request with additional fees

Looking forward to working with you! :)

  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Trap
  • Hip Hop
  • EDM

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