Vocals + Piano backing for your song for $70

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Vocals + Piano backing for your song for $70

I will record your song in an acoustic style - my vocals & piano backing.

I will need to listen to your song in advance (to see if I am ok singing it), so please contact me before you book this gig. Thank you!

I can accept to sing songs about love, nature, relax, also baby nursery rhymes/kid songs, a song for a special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.) or a special dedication for a beloved person, or a theme song for films, documentaries, podcasts, etc.

You will receive:
- One (1) Audio Track record with the final mixed song (my vocals and piano) in wave format.
- One (1) Audio Track Mono with my voice record only.
- One (1) audio file with the piano track of the song and the Midi file of the piano part.

The sound of the audio record with the song will be in the quality as you see in my samples here.

I use Casio Privia Digital Piano, Quad-Capture Audio interface, Ableton Live Lite, Condenser Microphone MXL67 or dynamic microphone AudioTehnica ART2100.

Sample 1

Joy in the morning!
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