I Will Write Your Next Hook for $250

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I Will Write Your Next Hook for $250

As an award-winning songwriter with over 15 years of experience, I bring to each project a commitment to memorable melody, catchy-yet-compelling lyrics, and an understanding of the necessity of a killer hook. I've worked in a variety of genres, from Pop to to Rock to Hip-Hop to Singer-Songwriter to Soul, with bands and artists like Matisyahu, Camille Trust, Effee, Tropidelic, Henry Hall, Maria Lynn, Jamison, and more. In 2019 I received the ASCAP Robert Allen Award for my songwriting and production work with Camille Trust. If this sounds like the sort of thing you're looking for, I would love nothing more than to write a hook for you! After discussing your hopes and goals for this specific song (just to give a sense of what direction I should take the writing) as well as the details about your performing style (so I make sure I'm writing something that fits your personal sound and capabilities), I will compose and record a demo version of the hook, along with a document for the lyrics. For an additional charge, I can fully arrange/produce the chorus, add vocal harmonies, or write the remainder of the song.

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Nate Mondschein Hook Sampler

A collection of hooks, all written by Nate Mondschein (song #2 co-written w/ Camille Trust)
  • Nate Mondschein Hook Sampler

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