I Will Make The Beat To Your Next Single for $500

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I Will Make The Beat To Your Next Single for $500

Hello there! I'm Nate Mondschein, an award-winning beatmaker, producer, and engineer with over a decade and change of professional experience working with Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists across the US like Matisyahu, Tropidelic, Henry Hall, Camille Trust, Cloudbelly, Effee, The Rooks, Josh The Word, and many more.

As a beatmaker, my goal is always to create a track that will serve as the foundation for the incredible songwriting you're already doing, to create something that will be sonically inspiring and engaging, and ultimately will be there to support your work. Regardless of the genre, the hallmarks of a Nate Mondschein beat will usually be creative, pocket-driven drums, unique sonic textures, and a prioritization of hooks (melodic or otherwise) that give your listeners one more thing to get stuck in their heads.

The first step when we work together will be to discuss your hopes and goals for the project (what genre are you working in, what is your music about, who are you making it for, etc), any songs or artists that serve as inspiration, and any musical material you've already created for the track. From there, I will take whatever initial musical ideas you give me for your song, and build out a preliminary beat loop for you to approve. Once you do, and you provide me with the official form/structure of the song, I'll produce a fully formed version of the beat and deliver it to you in a ready-to-be-recorded-over form. My production studio Echo Base Production is fully equipped to track live or electronic instrumentation and deliver it in a mix-ready format. I can also provide individual track stems for mixing purposes, as needed (I also work as a mixing engineer, and am happy to discuss mixing any projects as well if you're interested!).

A few examples of my beatmaking work can be found in the links below.

Looking forward to working with you!

  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Neo soul
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Trap


by Josh the Word
  • U/Me
  • Disappointed You
  • Pick Up Your Phone
  • Phone Sex
  • 22Good
  • Can't Be Around You Anymore
  • Doesn't Bother Me

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