Professional Guitar Tracks Electric/Acoustic for $60

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Professional Guitar Tracks Electric/Acoustic for $60

As a session/live guitar player based in Nashville, TN, I have experience in a wide variety of genres including country, blues, pop and rock. In my session work I have always placed the highest priority on delivering high quality tracks that meet the needs of the song. My biggest influences are guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Santana, John Mayer, Jimmy Page, James Valentine,, etc.

My goal is to make the process as simple as possible and to meet your production needs in an efficient manner. If you are an artist/producer with a specific vision for the guitar parts in the song, I will make it happen. If you are unsure, I am glad to assist you in finding a direction and providing my own ideas to help create the best product possible. Unless otherwise requested, I will send you the fully edited, comped guitar tracks so that you can simply insert them into your song.

Guitars (to name a few) - Tom Anderson Tele, Gibson ES-335, Gibson Les Paul Classic (1960s), Fender Am Strat, Martin D-15
Amps: 1994 Matchless Chieftain (Samson Era), Tone King Imperial, Fender Blues Jr, Vox, etc...
Pedals (30+) - Original Silver Klon Centaur, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Mobius, Analogue Man KOT, Strymon Blue Sky Reverb, Wampler Pinnacle
Recording equipment - Focusrite Clarett, Neumann TLM 49, Shure SM57, Suhr Reactive Load, Huge catalogue of Impulse Responses for different cabinet/mic simulation

Sean Pauley Session Reel

A compilation of recent session work. Guitar parts played/recorded by me.
  • Sean Pauley Session Reel

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