Full Custom Song Production by Nashville Producer for $800

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Full Custom Song Production by Nashville Producer for $800

If you’re a songwriter or an artist who is looking for a unique, detail-oriented production and a high quality mix and master of your song, then I think we would make a great team! I am a Nashville-based producer/songwriter with 15+ years’ experience in producing music from full-length albums, EPs and TV sync content. I have worked in a wide variety of genres with experienced artists who had several previous albums, up-and-coming artists who needed their first EP or single, and songwriters who just wanted to have their songs be heard in their best light. While there are a lot of people out there that will make a good-sounding track for you, sometimes those productions can sound mass manufactured or “cookie cutter”, because studios are often trying to churn out as much volume as possible (using similar production styles, hooks, preset mixing techniques, etc). The idea behind my service is to offer a customized production that fits the “vibe” of your song, while still maintaining a commercial appeal. Check out my Sound Cloud (Included on this page).

This service includes the following:

Guitars (Acoustic and Electric)
Keys (Piano, Organs, Synths)
One Auxiliary Instrument (Strings, Mandolin, Steel Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, etc., if appropriate)
Background Vocals
Male or Female Vocalist*
Professional Mixing
Professional Mastering

*If you are an artist/singer wishing to record your own vocals, this can also be accommodated within the track. However, the quality of the vocals and your sound will largely be contingent on the recording process/room (and your performance, of course). I can advise you on this process and incorporate your vocal stem into the track (as well as offer my editing services free of charge). However, you will need to provide the recorded vocal stem(s) at your own expense.

What I need from you: A rough demo of your song with the lead vocal melody and some accompaniment. If your rough demo does not have an established song structure with a backing instrument, an arrangement fee of $50 will apply.

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