Professional Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro, Upright and Bass Guitar for $100

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Professional Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro, Upright and Bass Guitar for $100

I record professional Pedal Steel, Dobro and Bass tracks here in my studio in St. Paul, MN I strive to find the perfect part that elevates music to a new level. I can make the classic Pedal Steel sounds, but I especially enjoy the ambient, atmospheric, textural side of the instrument. I enjoy all musical styles and I'm not too proud to listen to outside input or too afraid to try new things. I'll work on your music until you are completely satisfied!

I've toured and recorded with many Dove Award, Grammy Award, and Platinum selling artists. Including:

Sara Groves
Michael Shynes
Charlie Peacock
Jars Of Clay
Brandon Heath
Rebecca St. James
Jason Gray
Ingrid Chavez
Sandra McCracken
$50for a partial song 1min or less(Bass loop, Pedal Steel/Dobro solo, jingle)
$100 for a single track on a full song
$75 per track for multiple tracks on a single song(Bass+Pedal Steel or Pedal Steel+Dobro), or multiple songs.

Vintage P & J Basses
Guild Starfire Bass
Kalo Ukulele Bass
1960s Framus Upright Bass

Sho Bud Pro 1 Pedal Steel
Lebeda Dobro
Danelectro Baritone Guitar
Supro Lap Steel

Apogee Converters
Brent Averill Preamps
Tube Tech Compressors
Peluso mics

  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Ambient
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country

Pedal Steel/Dobro

Misc, Pedal Steel/Dobro clips
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