Acoustic & Electric Guitar Player, Arrangements, Mixing for $170

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Boris Vitrano

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Player, Arrangements, Mixing for $170

I'm an Italian guitar player, arranger and composer. My guitars are Taylor, Yamaha, Gibson, Fender.

I'm used to rec with different mic position as to achieve the best result for specific style / song or request. I've AKG 414 - C451 and P420 for mono or stereo (M/S) recording. My audio interface is Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56 and I always provide two different mic for mono recording and line track, or Middle track and Side track (plus line track) for stereo recording.

I'm used to rec at 48kHz 24 or 32 bit and the final work will include: a rough mix for all the guitars, and each track with no effects for proper mixing. I'm also a mixing engineer, please refer to my mixing service.

I worked for a lot and very different albums, the last one was "Senza lume a casaccio nell'oscurità" by Sergio Pennavaria. I can arrange and help for your project, and the price is intended for song and not for track (if you need or I think a song needs more than one track, the price is the same).


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