Guitar tracking for $150

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Johnny Walker

Guitar tracking for $150

Let's create something together!
Male vocalist with 20 years live experience.
Primary genres include country, rock, and blues.
Quick turnaround with home studio.
Mics: Shure SM7B, MXL 990 condenser
Interface: Apollo Twin
Tracks: 2 guitar tracks for $100
Edits: 2 edits accepted with base charge, if needed
Final product: 2 guitar stems, dry or wet, as desired
Need worktape of song, or a chord/lyric sheet at a minimum
Need reference artist to target vibe
Need clear timeline requested for completion to prioritize work

Guitars available:
2008 Taylor 315ce (main writing and gigging acoustic)
2017 Gibson Memphis ES-335 – Figured Turquoise
1978 Takamine F360S (Martin D28 lawsuit model)
2005 Baby Taylor (great for traveling, leaving around the house)
1950’s Gibson Les Paul Junior 5W Tube Amp (Creamy tone!)
1930’s May Bell Parlor Acoustic
1978 Takamine F-400S 12-string (Martin Lawsuit Model)
1978 Takamine F-340S (Martin D18 Lawsuit Model)
1970’s Epiphone FT-130 (For Drunk Tuning!)
2004 Dean Exotica Quilted Maple (DADGCD – Sevendust’s Angel’s Son, etc)
1970 Lotus Les Paul Copy (My first “Les Paul” and a pure coffee table of tone still today!)
2004 Gibson Les Paul Studio
2011 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/P90’s, 60’s Tribute
2005 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker, single coil
2002 Fender Highway One Strat
Dean Backwoods Banjo – 6-string

Note: To release the tune with as a work-for-hire, or to pitch to TV/film, an additional fee would apply.

If you only need vocals or guitar/vocal demos, check out my other services! Looking forward to creating with you!

(I specialize in acoustic guitar, but if you prefer electric, or have a need for 6-string banjo, guitaralele, or bass tracks I can be flexible.)

  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Blues
  • Singer-Songwriter

Blues Beat

Open tuned blues slide example
  • Blues Beat
  • Lakefront Sunrise
  • Rain Storm

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