Guitar Session Musician for $150

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Guitar Session Musician for $150

Hey there! I'm a professional touring and session guitarist, artist, and songwriter and would love to help you take your song to the next level with some polished guitar tracks.

I provide acoustic instrument tracks including: acoustic guitar (steel and nylon string), bouzouki, mandolin, six-string banjo, and ukulele.
I also provide electric guitar tracks: Telecaster, Gretsch, Stratocaster, and Les Paul.

I charge per set-up. If you're wanting acoustic only, or electric only, it's $150 each. If you want both, I'm happy to talk about how we can work together within your budget to get both acoustic and electric guitars on your project.

You provide the song and I'll record guitars accordingly. If you have specific instructions (ex. doubling certain parts, wanting to keep a specific signature lick, etc...) please let me know in a message.

These tracks are recorded at a home studio with a maximum of 2 revisions. I am happy to edit specific parts where needed, and can deliver multiple takes by request. I deliver tracks through a Dropbox Folder (or similar) in the sample and bit rate you request in WAV and/or MP3 format.

  • Country
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Rock


Guitar, Vocals, and Songwriter
  • Girls
  • Time Will Tell
  • Hard Workin', Hand Shaking', and Amenin'
  • Fishin' Off The Moon
  • Life Worth Living
  • Life's Railway to Heaven
  • Meet Me On The Dance Floor
  • Something About You
  • The Letter

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