Pedal Steel Track for $150

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By JP Ruggieri

Pedal Steel Track for $150

Hello! My name is JP Ruggieri. A little about myself: I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music, I've been a full time musician for 11 years, I'm currently based out of Nashville, TN. Some of my music career highlights include:

Currently playing on Tony Award winning Broadway musical "Oklahoma!" in New York City.

Recorded and/or toured with:
Charlie Hunter
Jano Rix (The Wood Brothers)
Penny and Sparrow
The Waterboys
Jools Holland

Some of my gear includes:
1967 Fender Telecaster
1977 Fender custom "Coodercaster" style guitar
Fender Jaguar
1967 Guild T-100D
1950's Silvertone
Gibson 335
Waterloo acoustic

1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1950's filmosonic film projector amp
1951 Gretsch 6161
1950's Kay 501
Peavy Nashville 112

Rains Pedal Steel SD10

I am setup to record on Logic Pro. My recording gear includes: Universal Apollo 8, Neve 1073 Preamp, UA 610 Preamp, Vanguard Audio V13, Cascade Fathead Ribbon, Shure SM7B, Shure SM57(2), Sterling Audio ST 77 (2). I am all about sound and interesting tones.

Reference recordings are always welcomed!

A Kind Of Hunger - Penny and Sparrow

  • A Kind Of Hunger - Penny and Sparrow
  • Not Over You - Chad Mason
  • Flooded - Matthew Pinder

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