Pedal Steel Track for $200

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By JP Ruggieri

Pedal Steel Track for $200

Performed and/or recorded with: Charlie Hunter, Oliver Wood and Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers, Viktor Krauss, producer James Brown (Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails), Penny and Sparrow, Rainee Blake. Pit musician for NYC's Broadway production of "Oklahoma!".

**List of studio gear here:

I am a guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, and mix engineer currently living in Nashville, TN. I have toured extensively in the US and Europe and have played on numerous albums as a session musician. My goal as a musician is to always play tastefully, and listen to what the song is asking for.

My favorite part of being a musician is recording. The reason I love recording so much is that it allows you to slow down and take your time to dial everything in. The musical part, the sound, the gear, I love the feeling of getting it all perfect for the artist and the song.

My studio set up consists of a live room and a control room. I have an extensive collection of vintage and modern gear allowing me to dial in sounds that you and/or I may be hearing in an authentic way to give your music the best sound possible.

You can hear some records that I've mixed here:

Tone, tastefulness, and good communication are what I'm all about. Check out some of my clips, ask me any questions that you may have, and lets make some music together!

A Kind Of Hunger - Penny and Sparrow

Songwriter Pedal Steel
  • A Kind Of Hunger - Penny and Sparrow
  • Flooded - Matthew Pinder
  • Brigitte DeMeyer
  • Seth Walker

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