All the guitar tracks needed for your song Electric, Acoustic & classical guitars for $200

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All the guitar tracks needed for your song Electric, Acoustic & classical guitars for $200

Hi there! If you're looking for a professional guitar player to record your music, then this service is for you!
I can record tracks for you in most styles of music, on electric guitar or acoustic, as well as classic and Spanish-style guitar.

I have a professional educational background: I have graduated from Jerusalem Music Academy in 2010 and later on I have studied 2 years in Musician Institute in Los Angeles.
I can play almost any style of music playing from early swing to modern jazz, fusion, Blues, R&B, Pop, Latin and classical.

I have a variety of guitars, amps, and pedals at my studio.
I use Cubase 8 and RME sound interface.
I can provide a variety of tones (Strat, P90's, Archtop, Acoustics) and even through vintage amps if that's your desired tone.
I can also go through my interface/DI so you can edit and play around with the sound later.

Please check out my studio demo videos:

An article from All About Jazz Magazine:

Delivery time will be no longer than 5 days, but most of my clients receive their orders in 2-3 days.

This gig includes:
- All the guitar tracks needed for one song.
- Multiple guitars if needed (Classical, Acoustic and Electric)
- Maximum 3 revisions for an accurate result
- Separate files in Wav (with and without effects)

Main guitars I am using:
1) Fender Deluxe Stratocaster (made in USA)
2) Gibson ES-335 electric guitar (made in USA)
3) Custom made classical guitar (made in Spain)
4) Takamine Pro-Series 6 (made in Korea)
5) Sakis model 3 Greek Bouzouki (Made in Greece)

- Fender Twin Reverb
- Line 6 DT25 112
- Orange AD30H Head

Also, please check out my Youtube channel for more videos:
Feel free to send me a private message should you have any questions or want any more information!

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Funk Rock

(Original Music from my album WAY 2012)
  • Funk Rock
  • Acoustic guitars
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