Add Professional Electric Guitar to Your Song for $70

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Add Professional Electric Guitar to Your Song for $70

I have access to all of the Universal Audio guitar plugins so I can record a very high quality track for you in a fast and efficient way! I do all of my recording in Presonus Studio One and have a wide variety of guitars at my disposal so that I can record using the sound that you want! All of my cables used for recording are Mogami Gold. I will definitely track Electric guitar for you. Just let me know what you need and I will get it done!

For $70 I will record a professional stereo guitar track for you. I will double track the guitar so that the two tracks can be panned hard right/left and provide the fullest sound possible.

Just shoot me a message with your expectations. The more information that you give me, the quicker I can get you exactly what you want.

Things like BPM and chord progression would be very helpful information at well.

I have played for over 12 years and am extremely versatile as a musician. Just send me an order and we can immediately get started!

I just got started here, so I don't have many orders coming in. However, this allows me to work only on your project and give it the special attention that you want.
I look forward to working with you!

Latin Flavor

A recent guitar solo that I recorded.
  • Latin Flavor

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