Special offer $50 first track, any service for $50

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Special offer $50 first track, any service for $50

Welcome to my page, glad you're here! If we have not worked together this is the right page for you. For first time clients I'm offering a $50 first track discount. This is a chance for me to show you my 20 plus years of experience as a studio musician.

I'm equally comfortable with acoustic and electric guitar. I play finger-style guitar and slide slide guitar. I can play lead and rhythm guitar in many different styles including Rock, Pop, Progressive Rock, Americana and Country. I have years of experience playing Jazz guitar, I read standard notation proficiently as well as chord charts and can learn music by ear quickly.

I record everything at home and I have a very simple but effective setup with a couple of mics and three amps and about a dozen guitars that I've been using for years. I'm fast but also very through. and take great pride in delivering an amazing product.

Takes within 48 hours, ask about same day delivery
Multiple takes for you to choose or comp
Creative musician who can adapt to any situation
Easy and fast communicator
Reads music proficiently
Can learn music by ear quickly and also reads charts
Genres include: Pop, Americana, Folk, Country, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Motown, Funk,

Guitars include:
Fender Telecaster
Gibson SG
D'angelico Semi Hollow Body
Fender Jazzmaster
Gretsch Hollow Body
A couple really special 'parts guitars' I've had made throughout the years!


-Paul Orbell

  • Pop
  • Americana
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Blues

Song samples from my discography

Playing samples from my record and some of my favorites I've played on throughout the years.
  • Song samples from my discography

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