Nashville Session Pro Guitar Tracks for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Daniel Rice

Nashville Session Pro Guitar Tracks for $100

Versatile session guitarist based out of Nashville, TN proficient in multiple genres.

I'm Daniel Rice, a producer, session guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist based out Nashville, TN. I have several years of experience songwriting, performing in the studio & live events with tons of different artists and producers. I have a wide variety of guitars, pickup types, amps, pedals, and fx that can get just about any tone you want.

To make things easy, please provide the BPM of your track so I can sync time-based effects as needed and that I can give you bounces that are easy to line up on your timeline.

- All guitar tracks comp'd and pocketed as needed
- Rhythm passes, doubles, leads, solos, and any additional layers needed
- Tracked through top of the line studio grade preamps and run through additional processing if necessary
- Rough guitar mix to give you a starting point for panning, levels, etc.

// GEAR //

- Maton SRS808C Acoustic
- Yamaha Nash-Tuned Acoustic
- Taylor 214 Acoustic
- Nash S63 Strat
- Fender American Professional Tele
- Fedner 72 Thinline Tele w/ Wide-range humbuckers
- 339 with split coil humbucking/single coil pickups
- Fender Jazzmaster w/ P90's
- Upgraded Epiphone Les Paul
- Fender PJ Bass

- Tyler JT14
- Vox AC15
- Kemper Profiler

- Strymon Big Sky
- Strymon Timeline
- Eventide H9
- MXR Carbon Copy
- Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor
- Maxon Compressor
- Paul C Timmy
- Paul C Tim V3
- Jackson Audio Silvertone Twin Twelve
- Walrus Audio Voyager
- Walrus Audio Mayflower
- Walrus Audio 385
- Fulltone Fulldrive 2
- Fulltone OCD
- Xotic EP Booster
- Black Mass Missionary Fuzz
- Big Muff
- Chase Bliss Gravitas Tremolo
- Boss VB-2W
- Electroharmonix Micro POG

  • Country
  • CCM
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Christian

Drop Your Stone

  • Drop Your Stone
  • Space Between (Acoustic)
  • Redemption
  • Ghost

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