Pedal Steel Guitar for $90

In Guitar By Paul Orbell

Pedal Steel Guitar for $90

Pedal steel is one of my favorite accompaniment instruments. I try and focus on a deep lush sound played simply and melodically. My style borrows from greats such as Daniel Lanois and Greg Leisz. I can play in the classic Country/ Americana style but also in a more modern ambient approach that is common in contemporary music.

I record everything at home and I have a very simple but effective setup with a couple of mics and three amps, I'll provide multiple takes for you to comp from if you choose. Contact me about same day delivery!

*NOTE* If we have not worked together before please see my service “Special Offer-first song for" $50

  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country
  • Pop

Pedal Steel Demo

Here you'll find samples of a couple tracks off my own record and others
  • Pedal Steel Demo

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