Immersive ambient/atmospheric guitar tracks for your song/movie/production. for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Petri Kuusela

Immersive ambient/atmospheric guitar tracks for your song/movie/production. for $75

I'm offering a custom tailored guitar soundscapes for your production/song/movie with a quick turnaround. Whether it be a song of any genre, a scene on a movie, songwriter/folk project, a voice over, I got you covered.

My name is Petri Kuusela and I'm a finnish full-time professional musician, producer, songwriter residing in the city of Oulu, Finland.
I have a background of playing guitar for 10+ years professionally, touring with artists and bands as well as producing, engineering, and most importantly playing guitar on a good variety of records over the years - from finnish top artist's songs to internationally noticed records with grammy-awarded musicians working on them.

In addition to traditional guitar session work and production I love creating immersive soundscapes with guitar and effects combined. It always seems to give a song this very unique, finished touch. Forget stock synth pads and let's spice it up a bit! (refer to audio samples for some of my work)

My goal is always to have your song sounding the best it can and the way you like it. I'll tailor my parts, sounds and gear choices according to your wishes or (p)references and I'm willing to discuss with you about what the track needs before I get to work. I'm versatile, reliable and work hard to capture your vision.

I do all my remote work from my home-studio convertible which is a good sounding studio space with wooden ceilings and floors. I track all the guitars through high quality analog gear and good mics with a quality instruments that fit for the track.

Some gear that I use to record with:
Martin HD-28
Danocaster Telecaster
Danocaster Strat
Fender Custom Shop Strat
Coodercaster (slide)
Danelectro Baritone

Fender Super Amp 1962
Swart STR Tweed
Swart 6v6se
Suhr Badger 35
Benson Amps Dizzy Bird (spring reverb)
+ a lot of effects pedals.

Schoeps mk4 (2)
AEA r84
Vanguard audio V13

Preamps and some other studio gear:
Universal Audio LA610
Avedis Audio MA-5 (pair)
Retro STA
Amphion One15's

Really excited to work on your project!

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • World

Drop The Mask (Katnes) only guitar ambient tracks

Ambient tracks isolated from a song 'Drop The Mask' I played on.
  • Drop The Mask (Katnes) only guitar ambient tracks
  • Vesuvius
  • Texas
  • Follow the Sun (Lanai)
  • Drop The Mask (Katnes)

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