In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Anton Egorov


Who we are: Anton and Michael, guitarists that play in different genres. We are quite proficient in music theory and technique, so we can add an interesting sound into YOUR tracks. We do our best to "dig in" into your requests and wishes so that you will be satisfied with our work.
We are nice guys to communicate with so it will be easy to deal with us!

That's how we work:
1) Send us your track in mp3 or wav with your preferences of how should it sound.
We treat your request very seriously and put our hearts into the process as if we work with our own track.
2) We send you back the demo of our instruments, and if it’s good for you
3) We make a final version of your track with our instruments.
All our tracks a duplicated with a "dry" direct line so that you could "re-amp" it later with a specific tone, if you like.

Rock style theme

  • Rock style theme
  • Lounge style theme

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