Latin Guitar for Professional Songs for $50

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Latin Guitar for Professional Songs for $50

Hello! My name is Patito. I am a latin musician based in Santiago, Chile.
Latin flavour is something indescribable. I can create and record guitar parts for several latin styles (Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cha cha, Merengue, Latin Trap, Bolero, Brasillian Funk, etc.) including acoustic guitars. Also, i can record Cuban Tres (Tres Cubano) tracks, for salsa, son, or even latin trap mixtures. It's up to your imagination!

I'm good at sight reading, reading chords, taking solo, arranging or creating tracks. I will deliver you WAV file in the specs you need.
I already have electric guitars (Gibson Custom, Fender Stratocaster USA), Cuban Tres, Steel Guitar, Nylon Guitar and also, Bass.
I work with Logic Pro X 10.5 but i'm flexible with all the sound specifications, don't worry! I usually work in analog way (amp recording) but it all depends on your track. Let's Talk!

About me:
Since 2014 i'm touring, recording and living for latin music.
For several years, i worked as session guitarist for TV shows on TVN (Chile National Television) and Casino latin ensembles all around my country. So... Quality is guaranteed! Thank you!

  • Latin
  • Reggae

Bachata (Rough Sample)

A guitar recording in a Bachata song. I created that part. Just an example of what i directly listen in my DAW.
  • Bachata (Rough Sample)
  • Merengue (Cover Sample)
  • Cuban Tres (Final Mix)
  • Cumbia (Rough Mix)

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