Write & record guitars for your song or track for $50

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Write & record guitars for your song or track for $50


I've been a session musician for many years now and would like to provide my services to help other musicians out. This includes writing guitar parts as well as recording them. I usually record double tracks, so played twice for rhythm guitars, and single tracks for solo's. I will do 3 revisions if needed, but would rather see my clients are happy. So if you would need an extra revision I'd be glad to offer that as well.

I worked with several artists, one of them is Tjiempel ( Dutch Rap/R&B ), which you can hear on Spotify. The song I did the guitars on is called : Meegaan.

I've got several guitars. I can offer Acoustic steel string, Gretsch Electric, classic Stratocaster, Acoustic Nylon, and LTD / Edwards for more heavy Rock / Metal music.

I track everything DI as well as processed. That way you always have the possibility of re-amping the DI tracks yourself.

I play a lot of styles, if the style you are searching for isn't named below just send me a message to check if I still can help you out.

List of gear I use:

Cubase Pro
Saffire Pro 40 audio interface
DI Box
Monster Cables
Fractal Audio Axe FX II
Celestion Guitar Cabinets
KRK Monitors
DBX 231 EQ (External Rack Unit)
Røde M5 Matched pair microphones
Røde NT1A Condenser microphone
Vertex SSS Stompbox, and many other pedals for effects.

Hope to hear from you and let's make some amazing music!

  • Hip Hop
  • Neo soul
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Reggae
  • Singer-Songwriter

Sing & Songwriter

Acoustic Steel String
  • Sing & Songwriter
  • Meegaan - Original GTR Track
  • Classic Rock Sample
  • Product Review Backingtrack
  • Classic Rock - Edge Of Breakup

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