As many guitar tracks as your song requires for $75

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As many guitar tracks as your song requires for $75

I'm a guitar player and music student based in Barcelona.
Started with music as a child in the Conservatory with classical guitar, then, through a Modern Music School, shifted towards the electric stringed instrument you are now looking for.
Blues rooted and hard-rock raised in, I've been playing as a session guitarist for different local bands (blues, blues-rock, rock, prog-rock, indie, pop, pop-rock...) for the last 10 years.
But I am currently focused on two main things: preparing my admission exams to a BA in Jazz Guitar Performance and recording guitar tracks for artists and producers who need electric guitar parts to fill and make their tunes shine a bit more. And that is what got me here, and so what got you to be reading those lines. So, why not just get down to work?
Nowadays I am working with a high quality signal chain, composed by Midas preamps, Eminence and Monster cables, George L's patches, and a high end IR ("Impulse Response") hardware and software to utilise the miking abilities and knowledge of an audio and sound engineer in a high end studio enviroment.
I also do work with mostly boutique pedals for my overdrives and compression, and I use Valhalla's plugins for delay and reverb, in order to mantain the guitar signal as clean as posible, so you can add afterwards your delays and/or reverbs of preference if you feel like to.

I am also able to read standard music notation, chord charts, or work entirely by ear if necessary. No issues at all.

With this service I am offering high quality audio, playing and guitar tracks, with an easy-going music student willing to record the best suitable guitars parts in your song, with a producer's point of view in mind for the whole track, and for the best bang for your buck.

Looking forward to work with you!



Mixing and production: Guillermo Bastos Oliva; Guitar: Marc Tejedor; Mastering: Àlex Pacheco Redondo
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