Online Guitar Sessions whole track for $75

In Guitar By Giovanni Perini

Online Guitar Sessions whole track for $75

Experience = 32 years
I worked with a lot of studios, including Midtown Studios (Miami) which is a professional studio with famous clients

I've been working with lots of artists, including djs, singers, rappers

recording many styles and genres , from Funky to Hard Rock, Lounge, Jazz
Reggae,,,Metal,,,RnB, Soul, Hip Hop- Charts Pop

the online guitar sessions works like this:

-send me your demo (drums, pads, all that you have)
with bpm, if possible
- write a few styles /guitarists you like
- I create some guitar parts (rhythmic, riff, and so on)
if you like the demo I send you here (if files are too big we can use Dropbox or similar

- Up to 3 revisions for each song

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Metal

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