Award-winning Guitar Tracks for $300

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Keven Eknes

Award-winning Guitar Tracks for $300

Multi-award winning full-time guitarist based in Nashville, TN. Educated through the worlds top music universities and further developed as a guitarist through extensive gigging, touring and recording sessions.

As a full-time professional guitarist, I offer my talents and expertise to your project. I cover any contemporary styled track with focus on groove, tightness, soundcapes or whatever the track may need. I fluently read standard notation, lead sheets, Nashville number charts and tablature in case you have already written parts, but I will just as enthusiastically write parts based on your ideals and values of the music. I also have perfect pitch in case you have a demo with a part you want copied and rerecorded but don't have it written out.

I will send professional quality guitar tracks based on your needs. If requested or if appropriate, I will layer multiple guitar tracks in order to make the project stand out and sound amazing.

If you have a reference track, or a guitar tone/part you like and want, I will listen to the track and match the tone/vibe/part or whatever you want from it, then tweak it for the song to your linking. Any material that helps me see your musical ideals are very welcome. I will keep back-ups of the session myself in-case you loose the tracks, want sound tweaks or if you want me to redo anything later.

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