Multi-award winning guitarist based in Nashville, TN. Along with educational background from Paul McCartney's LIPA and Berklee College of Music and extensive gigging and touring experience, recording experience have been achieved through hundreds of recording sessions in a variety of styles for songwriters, artists, bands and producers. Proud endorser of .strandberg* guitars, Victory Amps, Ernie Ball, JBE Pickups, Neunaber Audio, Strymon Engineering, Fractal Audio and many more!

Keven's knowledge of harmonic content can range from children songs to Holdsworthian Jazzfusion. Fluently reads notation, lead sheets, number charts, but will just as enthusiastically write parts based on your ideals and values of the music.
Keven covers any contemporary style track with industry leading gear and equiptment. Has an ability to groove, play tight, busy, ambient or whatever the track may need. Through a recording service Keven will (if appropriate) layer multiple tracks or add anything needed in order to make the track sound amazing.