Guitar Tracks by Tony Hooper Cross Peace Music for $50

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Guitar Tracks by Tony Hooper Cross Peace Music for $50

Send a high quality wav file and you'll get back multiple takes and layered guitars that make your track come to life. I use Logic Pro and my Prosonus interface along with my pedals and sweet guitars which are a 1952 Tele, a Gretsch Tennessee Rose, and a Parker Fly to name a few. From Country Chicken Pickin to in your face Rock, guitar is my thing. Being a member of the band "Blues Counsel," soulful guitar work is what I'm known for. I've done countless sessions in my many years of tracking from Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and New York. If I'm not out on tour, I can usually have your tracks in 3 days minimum. I will work with you to find the sound you're after. 3 revisions is a standard, but if you're diggin' what we're doing, I'll bend over backwards for ya. I usually upload everything via dropbox. If you're completely unhappy with the tracks, I'm good with refunding up to 1/2 the fee. If you however use any part of the work, there are to be no refunds. $150 is my demo rate. That's fair enough. Note, if you have a major score or some tracking that will take extended time, the price will be more but I will contact you to see if you're still interested... Thanks, I look forward to working on your song....

1 Review

  1. Review By: shaneprager Mar 9, 2018

    Ive used Tony Hooper on previous projects and continue to use him on current material. He continually delivers whether yours seeking guitar, bass or keys. He is seasoned, timely and a pleasure to work with.

  2. Review By: shaneprager Nov 20, 2017

    Tony at crosspiece music was a great addition to my music. He provided fast and friendly service and is equally talented on guitar, bass or keyboards. I highly recommend him! Five Stars.

    S. Prager