Professional Guitarist for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By James McMahon

Professional Guitarist for $75

Experience: I am a session guitarist based in the UK with experience playing at Abbey Road Studios and live at gigs for a variety of different bands and acts in the South of England. I have a strong background in rock, metal, and blues however in more recent years I have swayed towards more current styles such as pop, funk and RnB which I am thoroughly enjoying.

If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to take a look at my Instagram at jamesguitar_46. If you would like to see some other songs that I have played on, please find PENN on Spotify and Marshall Kings on YouTube.

My qualifications also include Grade 8 Electric Guitar with Rockschool and a degree (BA Hons) in Popular Music Performance and Production meaning that I have the ability to both play and record from home for your track.

Kemper Profiler
Fender Stratocaster (with mid-late 60's voiced pickups)
Slash Limited Edition Rosso Corsa Les Paul
Schecter Apocalypse (with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac pickup)
Yamaha AE1200S (vintage hollow body)
Taylor 114CE
Alvarez RU26T Ukulele

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