Electric guitar tracks for your song - solos, rhythm parts, fills and signature lines for $300

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Nick Miller

Electric guitar tracks for your song - solos, rhythm parts, fills and signature lines for $300

I'm a Nashville based session player who can track guitar parts guaranteed to add flare/melody/texture/ambience to your songs • • I have listed 5 revisions, but will work with you to get the parts right - I will communicate with you to make sure you feel understood about your vision for your music and what will best serve the song. All parts recorded into Pro Tools HD through Avalon Preamps and delivered as high quality WAVS using Music Man, Fender and Gibson guitars • • Amp selection: Dr Z Therapy and Carmen Ghia, Marshall JCM 800, Engl Powerball and Vox AC30 mic'd in a professionally crafted ported isolation cabinet • • All I will need is a stereo mp3 or WAV of your song(s), with the correct tempo listed • • Once we identify a turn around time that works for you, I will have your tracks back on the specified working day and we can work together to dial in the revisions if needed • • If you request, I will suggest the specific sounds most suited to your unique style of songwriting, whether this calls for vintage and clean or modern and roaring and everything in between • • 20 years experience in the studio coupled with commercial rock radio cuts and experience with producers and engineers Mike Fraser, Brian Sperber, Rich Chycki and Richard Landis • • Songwriter and lead guitarist for LONGREEF, writing the songs "She Likes The Ladies", "Dirty Motel", "Light It Up (feat Colt Ford) and "The Fuse", all of which were in high rotation on rock radio stations nationwide including Sirius XM • • Released solo albums "Parallel Universe" in 2014 and "Ocean and Earth" in 2017 • • You can find these songs by searching for "Longreef" and "Elnico" on Soundcloud • • Looking forward to talking about your songs and your musical vision.

A few T&C - fee listed is per song, up to 3 guitar parts. Rhythm, signature licks/fills and solos. Requests to double parts are fine, may require an extra $100 charge for doubling solos.

Maximum track length for this fee is 5 mins.

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