Looking for some fire on your tracks? 70s through to 2010s rock, modern country, blues and top 40 guitar parts guaranteed to add flare to your songs.

All parts recorded into Pro Tools HD through Avalon Preamps and Universal Audio Compressors and delivered as high quality WAVS using Music Man, Fender, Gibson and Dean guitars. Amp selection: Dr Z Therapy and Carmen Ghia, Marshall JCM 800, Engl Powerball and Vox AC30 with cabinets mic'd.

I will work with you and suggest the specific sounds most suited to your unique style of songwriting, whether this calls for vintage and clean or modern and roaring and everything in between.

20 years experience in the studio coupled with commercial rock radio cuts and experience with producers and engineers Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Joe Satriani), Chris Lord Alge (Nickelback, Florida Georgia Line) and Richard Landis (Vince Gill, Neil Diamond).

Reach out today and let's talk about your songs and your musical vision.