Professional Guitar Tracking for $215

In Guitar By Parker Goessling

Professional Guitar Tracking for $215

I can provide you ear-catching parts with great guitar sounds in order to elevate your song or project to its fullest potential.

Tracks will be delivered edited, with minimal processing so you can drop them right into your mix with little sonic adjusting

I specialize in rock, pop, country, and all variations of the three.

Instruments offered:
Electric Guitar
Electric Baritone Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
High Strung (Nashville tuning) Acoustic

Gear list:
Custom Stratocaster
Custom Telecaster
Martin HD-28
Yamaha FG-335 (high strung)
Danelectro Baritone
Fractal Audio FX8
Gibson Falcon GA-19
Suhr PT-15 IR
Universal Audio Apollo

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Rock

Bourbon and Boots

A good stylistic depiction of my Rock and Country playing including some slide
  • Bourbon and Boots
  • Anyone Home?
  • Crystals

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