Record metal guitar solo/rhytm for your song for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By EROS MELIS

Record metal guitar solo/rhytm for your song for $100


I'll be your professional metal guitarist.

I can record both rhytm or solo guitars for your project starting out from your basic ideas (or tabs/sheets) or I can also create the lines for your song!

I can play pretty much every style of metal from classic to extreme!

I recorded guitars on the following albums:

Holy Martyr
- Still at War (2007)
- Hellenic Warrior Spirit (2008)
- Invincible (2011)

- Shreds Of Humanity (2014)
- Raise Chaos: Live in Milan (2016)
- Srill Burns (2018)

Grin In Fear

- Legion (2021)

Just contact me and let me know what you need, togheter we'll find out the better solution for your song!
I will record electric for your song, rhythm and/or lead guitar tracks.
Everything will be recorded at my studio.

My studio is very well equipped with pro condenser/dynamic mics (AT4040, EV RE20, Sennheiser MD441, Shure SM57), top notch audio interface (Apogee)
and monitoring system (Neumann KH310A) as well as great plugins (Waves, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance etc). Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard and SG Special, Fender Stratocaster (w/texas customs and floyd rose), Steinberger GM4S, Crafter Acoustic guitar.

The gig is intended for a full production song up to 6 minutes
Double or quad rhytm tracking, solo/leads and harmonies as needed.

Provide with sheets/tabs/guitarpro and specify the time you want me to play in (for example "from 1:00 to 1:30").

Send me your track as mp3. Specify the song's BPM if possible.

Contact me for a custom order.

Final files will be delivered in high-quality WAV.

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  • Metal
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