WORKTAPE for $100

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Johnny Walker

WORKTAPE for $100

Need a quick and clean recording of your new song to start getting feedback? Toss me an iPhone worktape, a lyric sheet, and I'll give you a clean vocal track and acoustic guitar track to bring your song to life!

I've done these for folks in the past from a rough worktape to even a simple voice memo of only a vocal melody.

Provide what you can and we will make it work!

Final product: Single acoustic guitar, single vocal track, stems of each provided.

Note: To release the tune as a work-for-hire, or to pitch to TV/film, an additional fee would apply.

If you only need vocals or guitar, or a more complete guitar/vocal demos, check out my other services! Looking forward to creating with you!

  • Country
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock

Worktape sample

Single vocal / gtr
  • Worktape sample

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