Brazilian Acoustic Guitar for $100

In Guitar By Egon Donovan

Brazilian Acoustic Guitar for $100

Hey! Im Egon and I can put some colors in your music!

Im a professional session musician with years or experience working both on stage, behind the scene's and in the studio.
Bachelor in Arranger and Brazilian Music at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

For this project I will be working from my home studio which comes equipped with some awesome gears:

|| Fender Deluxe Reverb ||

|| Electric Semi Hallow - Gibson Epiphone - Lucille B.B King Signature |
| Fender Stratocaster | Classical Guitar - Crafted by Luthier JM Santos |
Classical 7 Strings Pro by Gianinni | Acoustic- Rozini Guitars ||

|| TC Eletronic Delay | ING Chorus | Cry Baby GCB95 | Fulltone Full-Drive2 Mosfet ||

|| Audio Technica AT2020 | Behringuer B1 | Dinamic SM57 by Kadosh ||

This is teamed up with the latest addition of Logic Pro X software.


Number of tracks per booking: 1
Revisions: 3
Money back Guarantee: Yes

Coração da Vila

Acoustic Guitar MPB
  • Coração da Vila
  • Morena de Noel
  • Três Apitos
  • Com que Roupa

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