Guitar Controlled Ear Candy Sampling for $123

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Mark Ty-Wharton - akaTinley

Guitar Controlled Ear Candy Sampling for $123

In a world of loops and repetition, it is the subtler changes which give music a reason for us to listen again.

Both Major or minor key can be enhanced by adding subtle clashing yet complimentary notes which draw the ear away from the fact the chords are the same as everything else - while retaining the hooky simplicity and same as everything else anthem which sells our music.

I was a member of Britain's first Acid House Band in 1988 and MIDI programmer for brother Adamski.

I worked with Nick Rhodes developing bespoke synthesiser sounds which ultimately took Duran Duran in a very different direction.

Listen to any of the background and sonic detail in 'Medazzaland' TVMania or the Dandy Warhols 'Welcome to the Monkey House' and you'll have a fairly good sense of what you can expect by booking me to play on your song.

You can also listen to my SoundCloud and bear in mind these are rough ideas and demos and representative of some of sonic texture and not finished tracks.

$123 buys you about an hour of my time!

I will download your song - listen a few times and add a ideas - add/tweak plugins etc (preferably save a version of your session first) - You can book multiple sessions to expand on services.

I expect a musician credit on all work you release which should read TINLEY - Guitar/Synthesiser (with an S and not a Zzzzz - because it is not Synthesiz - okay okay I am autistic and I have OCD!)

If I make a significant musical contribution then I expect a writing credit - I am a PRS member and/or you can give me appropriate points.

And using my name on your song auto-magically associates you with loads of famous people? LOL

Look me up on Google if you think credits and famous links are important 'Mark Tinley'

I used to be an upgrade junky - I notice most digital stuff has arrived in a similar place. Citing one thing over another is pointless. Knowing how to use ANY of it is what matters. I can make the crappiest stuff sound interesting because my best bit of gear is my ears.

So... I might work on a Mac or a PC maybe even record on cassette and I will use any one of a number of guitars including a couple which I made myself out of old match sticks and carpet tape.

I tend to use guitar voicing for my arpeggios/chords/riffs so if you are looking for synthesis that sounds like keyboards then you are in the wrong place ;/)

I don't always play in time or tune. I am middle aged, cantankerous and I won't work with you if I don't like you!


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