Pro Ambient Guitar, Textures, & Quality Pad Guitar Loops -- FULL REFUND GAURANTEE for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Blake Wrinn

Pro Ambient Guitar, Textures, & Quality Pad Guitar Loops -- FULL REFUND GAURANTEE for $75

【"Blake is one of the best young guitarists on the scene, but plays like an old soul.”
【Blake has an exceptional ear for parts and his tone is world class.”
-Matt McClure (3x GRAMMY NOMINATED , Multi-#1 PRODUCER】
You and I have something in common! We both want you to have an amazing record! One that is sonically competitive, completed in a timely manner, and done at the best value. Together, let's make your record be the absolute best it can be!
✸ Unlimited guitar tracks! Whatever is needed to accomplish the goal!
✸✸✸I guarantee your satisfaction. Let's work together!

✸CLIENTS INCLUDE: Sony, Warner/Chappell, EMI, Universal, Starstruck Entertainment, Pam Tillis, Chris Jansen, Ben Hayslip, Ashley Cleveland, Matt McClure, Tyler Farr, Scotty Wilbanks, Ian Miller, Sarah Buxton, Jimmy Yeary, Sonya Issacs, Adam Sanders, John King, Stephen Gudis, Sam Grow, 4th+MAIN, Kayla Adams, Eric Burgett, Derek Austin, Haeley Vaughn, Dave Pettigrew, FP Worship, Matt Brock, Jacob Rice, Sam Martinez, Zach Carringer, Matt Colins, LARK, Matt Nelson
*Commercial Grade A/D - D/A conversion
* Tuned control room and amp room.
*Professional electric guitar signal chains
*Clean, low noise acoustic guitar signal chain
* Numerous Amp/Speaker cabinet combinations
*Popular microphone selection (Including the Royer 121 and Shure SM57)
*Auxiliary guitars available (i.e. Baritone, Harmonic guitar, Ebow, Downtuned/Alt Tuning, etc.)
“Blake represents the next musical generation that is going to take what we guitarists have done so far, and take it to the next level! He’s got all the tools that make him a great musician-passion, skill, big listening ears, and a servant’s heart.” - Jerry McPherson (First-call Session guitarist)

“With Blake you get great guitar BUT you also get great character, and all the things that come with that like great work ethic, honesty, passion, heart connect, great attitude, etc!!”
- Steve Brewster (First-call Session drummer)

“I love recommending Blake for gigs because I know he will deliver with three things: Talent, Humility and Professionalism. Those three things are the recipe for success in the music business."
- Dave Cleveland (First-call session guitarist)

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Ambient Demo 2

Ambient Demo 2
  • Ambient Demo 2

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